Tim’s House

Tim’s House is a place for people struggling with homelessness to gather, pray, talk, get support, and share a home-cooked meal together; and we meet in the Fellowship Hall on Thursdays  from 4pm-7pm, and Fridays from 10am-2pm. This has become a great networking opportunity for people looking to secure housing, medical care, I.D.’s, furniture, and emotional support regarding the day-to-day struggles of homelessness. Everyone helps each other at Tim’s House and we have become a family in this place! We also begin our day with  coffee and bagels, and finish by sharing a home cooked meal together.
Tim’s House opened its doors in January 2011 to people struggling with homelessness as an expansion of Timothy’s Ministry.www.timothysministry.org .  Some of our guests tell us that they travel 1 1/2 – 2 hours to get to Tim’s House and have commented that it is wonderful to come to a place where they feel loved and welcomed! We pray together around a table and encourage one another.
Please consider volunteering one day at Tim’s House! We are always grateful for people willing to cook a meal, serve, or share encouragement with our group.  We are looking for speakers for Thursday evenings willing to share their skills.  Whether you are a  barber, medical professional, Social Security/housing experts, or work in any area, we would be grateful to welcome you to share information or services that might help to lift someone’s heart and give hope.  .  Please contact Marian: Marian@TimothysMinistry.orgif you would like to get involved

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