Small Groups

All of us have needs that can only be met through close relationships with others. Our need for affirmation, accountability, and training, are just some of the needs that are met only through healthy relationships with others. We have these needs because God designed it that way. People had these needs even before sin ruined the world. From the moment Adam was created, he had a need for a relationship with someone else. Even though he lived in a garden of paradise and communed directly with God, Adam still had a need for a helper other than God! In fact, God was the one who told him about this need and God was the one who met this need by creating another person to live in the garden. Clearly, being in close relationships with others is a significant need in our lives.

Also, in the New Testament, we find that Jesus emphasized the importance of small groups. Jesus divided his followers into small groups, and Jesus spent more time ministering to those small groups of disciples than he spent with large crowds. This pattern continued into the early church. As we read through the book of Acts, we find that the earliest Christians emphasized meeting in small groups on a weekly basis. Therefore, as you consider your own spiritual growth, consider joining a small group at Mt Olive. Being a part of a small group is an excellent way to develop as a Christian.

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