Kids Klub

1475882_10202746460521461_647503075_n“Let your roots grow deep into him, and let your lives be built in him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truths you were taught and you will overflow with thankfulness”

        Colossians 2:7

Children between the grades of K-5th grade join together every Friday night for a time of worship, learning, prayer and fellowship!

Through a series of specially designed games, worship, lessons and even snack children come along side their adult team members to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ!

The night  begins with games and fellowship as the children developed lasting friendships. As game time wraps up the children rush to the Sanctuary for a time of worship often lead by of of the children! After worship the children split up into two groups: K-2nd grade, and 3rd-th for lesson times. We feel by splitting the groups the children are able to learn in an age appropriate setting to engage each other and their faith. After the lesson are complete the children have a time of personally journalling and prayer where they are given a prompt from the lesson and encouraged to be honest with themselves and God. After the lessons, journalling and prayer are done the children are given a snack and aloud to play until their parents arrive back at church.

Kids Klub is not your typical “Sunday School”, youth group night. We are a family who come together to learn more about Jesus and what it means to truly follow him! We are all learning together and often times the team members learn more from the Kids then we could have ever imagined!

Come join us this Friday and experience the loving family environment and exciting adventure of being a follower of Christ! 

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